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Facebook Email Tutorial

Facebook Email Tutorial - Free Facebook Messaging and Mail Service Facebook has progressively enhanced their internal messaging service for users, which allows you (at this point) to send email messages to other Facebook members, either by using their profile name (real name, or display name), or using their email address. Rumors abound that Facebook will revamp its email offerings to the point where they could legitimately compete with the big three players in free webmail services, namely Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail. At the moment though, Facebook Mail, Facebook Messaging, or Facebook Email as it is interchangeably called in our tutorials, remains a robust and functional email service, but still relatively basic. In the following Facebook Email tutorials, you will learn about everything the service has to offer.

Basic Facebook Messaging Tutorials

The first tutorials of this series assume no prior knowledge of the Facebook Mail service - you do, however, need to have a Facebook account to use the service (if needed, go get a Facebook profile). You do not need to have a Facebook email address, as you'll see:

Advanced Facebook Email Tutorials

And a few more advanced topics on the Facebook Messaging service in its current iteration:

As Facebook Messaging sees more upgrades and new features, this series of email tutorials will be updated accordingly - stay tuned for more.

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