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Reply to an email message in Facebook Mail

Whenever you want to send an email message to another Facebook user, you can either post on their wall directly (which by default is public, and will be seen by all), or you can send them a message: if so, see how you create and compose a blank message in Facebook, or use the easiest alternative if you already have a message from that person. As you'll learn in this tutorial, replying to a Facebook message is quite easily done.

Reply to messages from your Facebook account

Check if you have already replied to an email message in Facebook

Just like most email programs and webmail providers, Facebook will let you know if you have already responded to a message. One way is to look at the sent messages for your Facebook account, and another is to check the message in question inside your inbox ("All Messages"). If you see a boomerang arrow icon displayed inside the message, as shown on the screenshot below, you will know that you have replied to that particular message:

Facebook message icon for replied-to emails

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