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View email messages sent from Facebook Mail

Access sent messages in Facebook There are a mainly two ways of sending email messages from your Facebook account: one is to create a message and send it from within your Facebook profile, inside a web browser of your choice; another way is to send messages from a third-party Facebook app (either on your computer or your iPhone or iPad) that lets you use the social network platform behind the scenes. In this tutorial, we will show you how to view messages sent from your Facebook account inside a browser. Aside from what we just mentioned, we'll go over the limited reliability of this feature (especially in the case where you want to check if anyone sent messages from your Facebook profile).

Check what messages were sent from your Facebook profile

Follow these steps to access the Sent Messages log on Facebook:

Facebook Tip: as mentioned earlier, there are some limitations to the reliability of sent messages as a "proof" that a message was sent or not, since you can easily delete a sent message (you cannot unsend a Facebook message, but you can erase the confirmation that it was sent on your end, inside your profile). To delete a sent message from your Facebook profile, just click on the Delete button while the sent message is open, or select it from the sent messages listing (by ticking its checkbox), and click "Delete" from there.

Delete sent message from Facebook

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