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Facebook Login

The previous tutorial gave you an overview of Facebook sign in; in this tutorial, we will explain how the Facebook login process works behind the scenes, and how the options you pick in the sign in screen affect if you stay logged in, and how long your account login information will be "remembered" by Facebook, etc. Understanding how Facebook login works helps you keep your account secure, and safe from unauthorized access. As it gained in popularity, and became a juicy target for hackers, Facebook has beefed up its security measures, and there is a lot you can customize to secure your account: to learn all there is to know on the topic (like login history, temporary passwords, etc.) - check out our "Facebook Login Sign in" website.

Facebook Login behind the scenes, step by step

Everything starts with the sign in form; after you have entered your credentials (email address and password), and click on the "Login" button, one of several things will happen:

Tip: after you have logged out successfully from your Facebook account, someone else trying to access one of the pages you visited (like profile settings) will be required to login - keeping them out of your account, in effect. If the page they are trying to view is a "public page", like another user's profile, for example, they will be able to see that (since viewing a Facebook profile doesn't require to be logged in).

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Tutorial last updated on May 20, 2012
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