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Facebook Tutorial

Facebook Screenshot Welcome to our Facebook tutorial!

In this series of free Facebook tutorials, we will start from the ground up with a Facebook tutorial for beginners, which will cover the very basics, like signing up to get a free Facebook account, how to tweak your profile, invite friends, etc. We'll then move on to more advanced topics and show you how you can customize your Facebook account and profiles, go over some of the main privacy settings and explain where to find the others.

Free Facebook Tutorials for Beginners

Let's start at the beginning: the first thing you'll need to do is go through Facebook sign up to get your free profile; while it is possible to access Facebook without an account, what you can do at that point is very limited. But, as you'll see, getting your profile takes less than 5 minutes - in fact, if you only enter the minimum amount of information required (and leave for later adding more details), the Facebook sign up process takes about a single minute!

Working with pictures in your Facebook account

Picture sharing and photo albums creation are a big part of your Facebook activity, and have their own series of tutorials to help you get started:

Facebook Email Tutorial

Facebook Email Tutorial - Free Facebook Messaging and Mail Service Once you have signed up with Facebook, you will have access to all messaging tools that social networking site has to offer: "Facebook Messaging" includes the real time chat and "Facebook Mail", or the email service we'll cover in this tutorials. (A separate site discusses in details the built-in chat client: see our Facebook Chat Tutorial and Tips.)

See our Facebook Email Tutorial for a breakdown of topics, including sending messages, reading them, marking them as "New" or "Read", how to send video messages using your webcam, etc. This feature is actively developed by Facebook, and it would not be surprising to see Facebook offer a webmail service to compete with Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Gmail. Ironically, the current iteration of Facebook Mail is bare-bones and very limited in terms of third-party integration (you can't check your emails from a regular mail application, for example), it also features quite advanced features not found in other webmail providers.

These free Facebook tutorials are regularly updated with new content: make sure to come back often to check for new Facebook tips and tricks to let you make the most of your favorite social networking website for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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