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Add or change the picture of your Facebook profile (Upload new photo)

When you first create your Facebook account, you have the option to upload a photo from your computer, to use a "profile picture" on your public Facebook profile. If you have not, you can after the fact choose a picture for your profile, and likewise, you can change your Facebook profile picture at any time and replace it either with another photo from your computer, or another image from a photo album you have previously added on Facebook. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add or change your Facebook profile picture.

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Add a picture / photo to your Facebook profile

Case # 1, you don't yet have a photo in your Facebook account. Let's explain how to add a picture to your profile; we'll then explain how to change the image used as profile picture:

Change your Facebook profile photo / picture

Now, follows these steps to change the profile picture of your Facebook account:

This is all it takes to add a photo to your Facebook account, or change profile picture! The next tutorial explains how to delete a profile picture, or hide it from all Facebook users or only a select few: delete or hide your Facebook profile picture.

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