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Cancel a friend request on Facebook

As you saw in the previous tutorial, it is quite easy to add friends on Facebook by sending friend requests to the person in question. But what if you want to cancel a friend request? In other words, can you unsend requests that have already been sent? The answer is yes and no: while you cannot literally recall and unsend a request, you can cancel that request by using an indirect way. This will work 100% of the time, and the other Facebook user will never know that you sent him or her a request and then change your mind. And you will still be able to re-send that friend request later on if you so desire.

Cancel friend requests already sent through Facebook

Follow these steps to undo a friend request after the fact:

And this is how easily you can cancel friend requests on Facebook, without actually having to manually unsend the friendship request. If you plan on perhaps becoming friends with that person in the future, we recommend that you unblock them right away, before you forget about the block: see how to unblock users on Facebook.

Tip: there is one case in which you will not be able to delete a friend request you sent to a particular Facebook user - this is when you block that person after they have already seen the friendship request. Obviously, whether they have chosen to accept it or reject it, the desired effect of unsending the request will be void. So make sure to withdraw friend requests quickly!

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