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Facebook Sign up: create a Facebook account or get a new profile

The first step to get your own profile is to go through the Facebook sign up process to create your account; fortunately, this is one of the shortest sign up form around, and unless you fill out a lot of optional information (we'll tell you which is), you will be up and running in, literally, a single minute. (Even if you do decide to enter all details about your profile, the entire signup should take less than 5 minutes.) Since the privacy settings allow you to make your Facebook profile very private, you have full control over what information you enter during account sign up will be public once you created your profile.

Tip: while all this tutorial stays current, we've launched a separate “Create Facebook Account” website, with more details for beginners, and screenshots that reflect the new interface!

Sign up for your own Facebook account and profile

Follow these steps to setup a Facebook account for yourself:

New Facebook Profile Verification

Facebook will display a verification screen to prevent automated sign up (spam). Type the characters shown on your screen, review the Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (links displayed below the Sign up button), and click on the "Sign Up" button once more:

Complete your Facebook account sign up with verification

Your Facebook account was created when you successfully entered the verification code; you can now click on the "Skip this step" link several times if you want to complete your profile sign up without entering additional information (which you can add to your account later on), or supply these details in the next three steps.

Add profile information to your new Facebook account or skip this step

These three steps, all of which can be skipped at this time, include:

Finalize your new Facebook account sign up with email confirmation link

Whether you skipped these steps or entered all the information they collected, the Facebook account sign up process is near complete: all you need to do is confirm that you do own the email address you supplied. The first time you login to your Facebook account (which happens at the end of sign up), you will see a notice at the top of the screen that reminds you that you need to check your emails and click on the confirmation link you received from Facebook: this email has "Just one more step to get started on Facebook" as subject line.

New Facebook account and profile confirmed

Let's now show you how to change your profile picture and add friends to your new Facebook profile. To keep yourself self, also make sure to read our Facebook Sign in, Facebook Login, and Facebook Logout tutorials.

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Tutorial last updated on July 18, 2013
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