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Facebook Logout: make sure that you sign out completely

The previous two tutorials explained how Facebook Sign in lets you access your account with the option to remember your account information for your web browser (keep you logged in on that computer, in other words). You also learned how Facebook login works behind the scenes, with in both cases a quick overview of best practices when accessing your Facebook profile from a public computer or other unfamiliar locations, like at school, the library, or on a shared computer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to manually logout of Facebook and confirm that sign out was complete, which is especially important if you aren't the only one using that particular computer.

Confirm Facebook Logout before leaving the computer

Follow these steps to manually sign out and double-check that Facebook sign out is complete - that the next user won't voluntarily or accidentally end up in your profile:

Extra steps for complete sign out from Facebook

This is all you need to do when it comes to Facebook logout; there are other precautions you can take in some cases, like login anonymously, which will be explained in a later tutorial, or more evolved steps like erasing your browsing history and/or clearing your cookies:

Erase your browsing history in Internet Explorer | Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer

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