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Download Facebook email message to your computer / hard drive

Save Facebook email messages to your computer hard drive At this point, Facebook Messaging, or Facebook Mail, the service you use to send and receive email messages to and from other Facebook users, is still in its infancy (although Facebook is currently working on a complete revamp of its messaging platform, which looks promisingly like it will bring Facebook emails close or better to the levels you have come to expect from an webmail service (online email) like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Gmail. In the meantime, this tutorial will explain how to download a Facebook message and save it on your computer / hard drive for future reference, which allows you to delete the "live" version of the email message on your Facebook account, but still access it from your saved version at a later time.

Save downloaded email messages from Facebook

And this is how you download a message from Facebook, and save the email and its content to your computer's hard drive. In the case of the first three browsers, you will have a single file on which you can double-click, which will open in a browser window the downloaded version of the message. In the case of Chrome or Firefox, the web browser will download a file and a folder that contains the relevant other files contained in your downloaded message (when you save as a web archive, everything you need is saved inside a single file).

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