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Web Browsing and Email Tutorials

This series of tutorials will show you how to use email from your own web browser. While web browsing and email are separate Internet-related functions, they often end up working together: emailing a web page or link, clicking on email links in web pages, etc. These are some of the topics we'll examine.

Internet Explorer and Email

Email and Internet Explorer on Windows Internet Explorer enables you not only to send link to web page in the current tab, but even to send an actual copy of the web page itself, provided your email client (and your recipient's) support HTML content.

Email a link from Internet Explorer | Email a web page from Internet Explorer

In another tutorial, you will learn how to email pictures from Internet Explorer on Windows XP or Windows Vista (we are using Internet Explorer 7 for that tutorial, but sending pictures by email in Internet Explorer version 6 works in much the same way). See how you can send pictures by email from Internet Explorer.

Firefox and Email

Using email from Mozilla Firefox Out of the box, Firefox lets you email links to web pages, using your operating system's default email program. But Firefox, as we'll see, can be extended with "extensions", or mini-programs that extend Firefox's native functionality; several of these extend the basic email functionality available "natively" in Firefox.

Email a link from Firefox | Email a List of Tab URLs from Firefox

Google Chrome and Email

Emailing URL (links) from the Google Chrome web browser Although Google's Chrome web browser does not currently include a "Send Link" command, there is an easy way to add such functionality by creating a JavaScript bookmark. Clicking the bookmark will generate an email containing the current web page's address ("URL"), and the title of the page as email subject.

Send an email link from Google Chrome

Internet Explorer Tutorial

Internet Explorer Tutorial This series of tutorials will explore some features of Internet Explorer, the web browser that ships with Windows. You will first learn how to set or change your homepage in Internet Explorer; then, how to delete your browsing history in IE, and how to delete your cookies in IE.

By default, the classic menus are hidden in recent versions of Internet Explorer: see how you can show the classic menus (or hide them, as needed). Two other tutorials will explain how to open your emails from Internet Explorer, and answer the question: What version of Internet Explorer do I have?

When you browse web page, you now have the ability to zoom in or out of them, to see them in more details, or on the contrary to see more of the page; we are not talking about the ability Internet Explorer offers to increase or decrease font size, or text size, (which as you'll see has limited success), but about actual zoom levels: how to customize them, quickly change zoom level, and how to make Internet Explorer remember your favorite zoom factor. Read this tutorial to learn how to change zoom in Internet Explorer.

Next, you will see how easy it is to change search engine in Internet Explorer, and customize the default search provider.

Web Browsing & Email Delete Google history & customize web search settings Internet Explorer Tutorial Email a link ("Hyperlink") Email a web page Emailing pictures Set or change homepage in IE Disable Tab Groups / colors Add websites to Favorites Bar Hide the Favorites Bar in IE Add a website to Favorites Create a Favorites folder Rename a Favorite / change the name of a Favorites folder Sort your IE Favorites alphabetically (by name) Delete Favorites and/or folders Where are Favorites Stored? Import Favorites into IE Export Favorites from IE Backup your Favorites Open all sites in Favorite folder View recent browsing history Delete browsing history in IE Delete cookies in IE Prevent IE from storing your browsing history Erase your history quickly in IE Show/hide classic menus in IE Toolbar missing: show or hide toolbars in Internet Explorer Unlock, move, lock toolbars in IE Customize command bar in IE Disable add-ons / toolbars in IE Enable add-ons / toolbars in IE Open your emails from IE What version of IE do I have? Change zoom level in IE Change default search engine in Internet Explorer Change View Source Editor Change HTML Editor in IE Change font size in IE 8 / 7 / 6 Add Google Search to IE Delete autocomplete entries in IE Save a web page Prevent Internet Explorer from automatically resizing pictures Change IE download location Change Internet Explorer icon Disable sounds in web pages Hide pictures in IE Print background colors & pictures in Internet Explorer Print a web page from IE + print preview & settings Find text on a web page Increase size / use large icons Hide icons from toolbars in IE Add Wikipedia search to IE Add Facebook search to IE Set Facebook default search Reopen a closed tab in Internet Explorer + Reopen all tabs Disable and block cookies in IE Block all popups in IE Disable popup information bar Turn off popup blocker sound Change popup blocker sound Allow popups from a site in IE Override popup blocker in IE Disable popup blocker in IE Open the same / current web page in a new window in IE Turn off the click sound in IE Mute and turn off all IE sounds Make IE remember passwords Disable autocomplete in IE Duplicate a tab in IE Reload & refresh all tabs in IE Make IE open full screen / maximized, or custom size Force Internet Explorer to open a link in new window / tab Browse anonymously in IE Stop Internet Explorer from running in the background Disable IE script error messages Enable or disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer 8 / IE 7 Fix "cannot go back in history" Back button problem in IE Mozilla Firefox Tutorial Download Firefox (Windows) Install Firefox on your PC Email a Link from Firefox Email group of tabs from Firefox Delete autocomplete in Firefox Change default search engine in Firefox address bar How to enable or disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox Hide file download window Change download location Change appearance / theme Remove and delete bookmarks Create a bookmark folder Rename a bookmark in Firefox Change bookmark URL Reopen closed tabs in Firefox Hide close button from tabs What version of Firefox …? Make Firefox reopen the last visited sites when it starts Google Chrome Tutorial Download Google Chrome Email a Link from Chrome
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