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General Tutorials

This section of Free Email Tutorials includes general tutorials indirectly related to email, such as general email troubleshooting, configuration specs and limitations for popular email providers, and more generic learning resources. All free! This allows us to explain some "side-topics" without forcing you to navigate to a different website - we like keeping you around!

Email Etiquette Tutorial

Email Etiquette Learn good manners for the world of online messaging and business communication with our email etiquette tutorials: we'll clarify some common questions, things you've probably asked yourself often when emailing coworkers or (gasp!) your boss: by definition, email (let alone instant messaging) is much less formal than traditional written communication - but we all tend to email "as we speak", more than as we'd write! On the flip side, too much formality is not always good, especially in the United States (where it appears cold) - but a excessively relaxed attitude will appear callous to the rest of the world.

Email Hosting Tutorial

Email hosting This series of tutorials will help you understand the world of email hosting, and especially knowing how to choose a reliable partner to host something as crucial as your email communications. Both open-source email hosting and Microsoft Exchange will be covered.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing One of the most powerful way to leverage email in the world of business is to use it as marketing tool: unlike print media, email marketing allows you to reach your clients and prospects in real time; unlike radio and TV advertising, however, email marketing is a cheap and cost-effective as it gets. And, combined with a smart tracking solution, you can measure efficiently your conversion rates and tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly. Get started and learn about general business and branding principles, legal aspects of the process, how best to target your market segment, and how to design your e-newsletters for maximum impact.

Email Tutorial (for beginners and seniors)

Email Tutorial This series of basic topics will target mainly beginners and seniors, and help them get up to speed with the ever-changing world of email: these tutorials are, for the most part, "technology agnostic", to enable you to take this knowledge and make the best of it regardless of how you send and receive emails: from an email program on Windows, Mac, or Linux, or using a web browser and a free webmail service like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail.

Email and Microsoft Office

Email and Microsoft Office 2003-2007These tutorials help you understand how to use email within the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Our tutorials will cover both Office 2007, the current version of Office, as well as Office 2003. While these tutorials use Microsoft Outlook as demonstration email client, they are also applicable to most modern email clients, such as Outlook Express, Vista's Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird…

Web Browsing and Email

Email and Web Browsers Browsing the web and using email are two distinct Internet-related activities, but they are often linked, by choice or obligation. These tutorials will show you how to make the best of email from within each of the major web browsers we cover: Internet Explorer for Windows, the open-source Mozilla Firefox, the Opera Internet suite (which comes bundled with the Opera email client), and Apple's own web browser, Safari.

Windows Tutorials

Targeted Windows Tutorials Our Targeted Microsoft Windows Tutorials explore Windows basics and settings, as they pertain to email configuration and management. They explore Windows tweaks that more or less closely affect how your email programs work, and how well they perform. Well maintaining your PC (more to the point, Windows itself) ensures fast and stable operations.

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Tutorial last updated on May 21, 2012
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