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Email Tutorial

Welcome to our email tutorial! — In this series of free email tutorials, you will learn about email from a "technology agnostic" point of view: our generic email tutorial gives you information that is in most part applicable to any way you use email (from a desktop email program, a webmail service, etc.) and regardless of the computing platform you are using (Windows, Mac, Linux, or a mobile operating system like the one found on iPhone / iPod touch, Blackberry, etc.)

Basic email tutorials for beginners

This first section of our email tutorial covers basic concepts of emailing, like how email works, the anatomy of an email address, how to sign up for an email account, etc. When and how to use the Cc field ("Carbon Copy") and Bcc field ("Blind Carbon Copy" for undisclosed recipients) in your emails, how to determine where an email comes from by pulling up the email headers, etc. Topics start at the very basic level, and gradually become more advanced.

Intermediate email tutorials

We will gradually move on to explaining more advanced email tutorials that will include topics like how to best fight spam, how to handle and request email read receipts and delivery receipts, email etiquette especially as it pertains to the workplace and business communication, and much more.

You will also learn how to choose a business email provider and email hosting company, based on both your requirements, the number of email users, and your budget. These tutorials will be designed with the self-employed and other decision makers in mind, not a technical audience of system administrators - plain English, in other words.

Advanced email tutorials

Our series of advanced email tutorials will help you make the best of email from a more technical standpoint, like for example, determining who actually sent an email by reading and analyzing email headers or send emails anonymously using third party software or temporary email addresses. Stay tuned for more content added regularly to this section of the site.

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