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Windows Tutorial

Welcome to our Windows tutorial — Our Targeted Microsoft Windows Tutorials explore Windows basics and settings, as they pertain to email configuration and management. As time passed, we added new tutorials departing from the core "Windows tutorial" topic, including default programs management, Windows maintenance, etc.

The Which Version of Windows Am I Running? tutorial allows you to quickly figure out which version of Windows is running on the computer you are using. This is often useful to determine if your PC meets the minimum "System Requirements" for an email program. (Outlook 2003, for example, will only accept Windows 2000, Windows XP and later.)

Tip: for version-specific tutorials and tips, please see our Windows Vista Tutorial or our Windows 7 Tutorial. The series featured on this site stays at the beginner level, and is mostly concerned with how Windows interact with email in general.

Windows Tutorial: Default Programs and Settings

This Windows tutorial section deals with the default applications you can set in Windows: default email program, default web browser, etc. While some email programs have their own ways of becoming the default email client on Windows, or playing custom new email sounds, the Control Panel allows you to determine which program should be handling emails by default, and which sound Windows should play when new emails arrive.

Learn how to configure Windows XP's New Email Notification sound, how to set the new email sound in Windows Vista, and how to set the default email program on Windows XP or set the default email program on Windows Vista.

Windows XP shipped with Outlook Express built-in, and Windows Vista with Windows Mail. Windows 7 unfortunately ships without an email program pre-installed. No big deal: let us help you choose an email program for Windows 7.

The Change your screen resolution Windows tutorial explains how to show more but smaller things on screen, or show less but larger things. (This Windows tutorial also explains the somewhat counterintuitive concept behind screen resolution, whose main confusion stems from the fact that unlike software, your actual monitor cannot expand or shrink: thus, by "increasing your screen resolution", Windows has to makes things smaller - you are trying to see more things at any given time, but the container cannot "grow".)

You will learn in another Windows tutorial how to set your default browser in Windows XP and set your default browser in Windows Vista: the default web browser is the program Windows automatically calls when you are trying to open a web page (or "website"). Since Internet Explorer is the only web browser that ships bundled with Windows XP and Windows Vista, it is by definition the standard default web browser. Any downloadable browser can be set as the default, and these tutorials will show you how.

A more target Windows tutorial will also explain how to set Internet Explorer as default browser, or how to set Firefox as default browser in one of three versions of Windows (all covered in the same tutorial) : Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Windows Maintenance Tutorials

The efficiency and stability of the programs you run, including email clients, depends on how well you maintain your PC (more accurately, how well you maintain Windows, the operating system.) The How Regularly Defragment Your Hard Drive Windows tutorial explains why and why and how to defragment your hard disks, whose performance affect everything else in your PC.

Windows tutorial on email and Internet Explorer

These series of Windows tutorials will show you how to use Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7) to email web pages, or email links to web pages, directly from your web browser. Learn how to email a web page from Internet Explorer, email a link from Internet Explorer, or email a picture from Internet Explorer. For more browser-specific tutorials (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome), please see our Web Browsing and Email Tutorials.

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