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Email Marketing Tutorial

Email MarketingThese email marketing tutorials will introduce you to the world of email marketing (aka "e-mail marketing"), or how to promote your goods and services by email, how to strengthen your brand and maintain contact with customers and prospects, and how to leverage email as a powerful marketing tool.

The online population, worldwide, has reached such numbers that marketing goods and services through email has become potentially quite profitable. Email marketing ranges from regular email newsletters who happen to advertise a product or service, to full-fledged email marketing campaigns or online affiliate marketing.

Why Consider Email Marketing?

We will examine together all aspects of email marketing throughout these tutorials; in the first place, we will answer the question "Why consider email marketing"? In a world where paper still plays an important role as marketing collateral, why should you look into another, perhaps more complicated, marketing channel?

Design Guidelines for Email Newsletters

These series of email marketing tutorials will give you tips and tricks on designing yourself your own email newsletter; these tips can also be used as a checklist for email marketing campaigns you might already have in place.

We will first start with e-newsletter design: an introduction to designing your own marketing emails. Then, we'll discuss the email formats available for newsletters: namely, plain text or "rich text" (HTML emails). Our upcoming section on newsletter layout will show you the most efficient way to present your newsletters by email: what makes your e-newsletter most likely to be read, to ultimately increase conversion rates.

Creating Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Helping you create successful email marketing campaigns is the goal of this series of tutorials on email marketing. Following our general newsletter design guidelines will already put you in the right direction; the following tutorials will show you how to bridge the gap between amateur e-newsletters and professional email marketing.

As one of the fastest growing segment of the western population (and already the highest purchasing power), seniors deserve special attention. The ubiquity of Internet brings daily thousands of new prospects online; seniors are powerful new adopters of the Internet. Our section titled "Email Marketing & Seniors" will enable you to create senior-friendly email marketing campaigns.

The upcoming Usable Newsletters tutorial teaches you how to apply the simple laws of web usability to email newsletters. Email marketing conversion rates are directly proportional to the usability ("user friendliness") of your email newsletters.

Especially with an aging population, there is an increasing need for awareness for the so-called "disabled users". As the Internet is concerned, the main types of disabilities are visual impairments and limited motor skills: reading on screen can be challenging for some, we will help you take their needs into account in your next email marketing campaign. Subscribers to your newsletter with limited motor skills will appreciate an email designed to minimize unnecessary interactions with a mouse and/or keyboard. Our upcoming Accessible Newsletters tutorial will help you market by email while showing concerns for Internet users affected by visual impairment or motor disabilities.

Personalization is nothing new to marketing; but showing that you care about your prospects, subscribers, and customers has never been more important than in the faceless world of the Internet. This series of tips will help reinforce branding while personalizing the experience for all subscribers. Start personalizing your email marketing campaign today!

Our short section on Managing Mistakes will help you react professionally to sometimes unavoidable mistakes that could jeopardize your credibility or tarnish your brand. In the world of email marketing, and mistake is potentially blasted in an instant to hundreds, possibly thousands of subscribers. Short of advising you not to make mistakes, we will help you react to potentially damaging crisis.

The Law, Privacy, and Email Marketing

As an email marketer, you should already have a good understanding of laws regulating email marketing. We have summarized under Applicable Laws the main tenants of the CAN-SPAM act and other laws related to email marketing in the United States.

The second most important aspect of subscriber management is the respect of their privacy. What information can you rightly request from subscribers? At which point? These and other questions are answered to help you respect your subscribers' privacy.

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