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Free Email TutorialsWindowsSet the new email sound in Windows 7 ("New Mail Notification")

Set the new email sound in Windows 7 ("New Mail Notification")

By default, Windows 7 will play a sound when new emails arrive; this is an operating-system-wide that you can customize and change, and will be respected by many email programs, and not necessarily just the ones by Microsoft (Outlook 2007, Windows Live Mail, etc.) In this tutorial, we will explain how to change the Windows 7 new mail sound in a few simple steps.

Customize the new email sound in Windows 7

Follow these steps to access and customize your program event sound settings:

As a side note, if you want to restore the original email sound (Windows 7 default), the WAV file to use is called "Windows Notify.wav" - this is the same file Windows 7 uses for new faxes.

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Tutorial last updated on June 18, 2012
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