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Change the number of rows / columns for speed dial in Opera

One of Opera's innovation on the web browser front is the "Speed Dial", which allows you to quickly access your favorite websites with a click (or a corresponding keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9 for the first nine websites / thumbnails you have added). But Opera even lets you customize the number of cells (rows and columns) you have on your speed dial: you can either pick from a pre-selection of combinations, or create your own speed dial arrangement - we will explain both methods in this tutorial.

Add/remove cells (websites and thumbnails) from speed dial screen

The easiest way to customize the size of your Opera speed dial is to use the built-in customizer:

This is how you can customize your speed dial using one of the built-in settings; personally, we prefer 6 columns and 3 rows, which best suits our screen proportions. The next portion of this tutorial explains how to use your own, custom combination of rows and columns.

Customize your own speed dial in Opera

Using text file configuration is really not as scary as it may feel - read on:

Since you can, in practice, as many new websites to speed dial as you're likely to need or want, you can now have not just a quick access to your email accounts, like adding Hotmail Sign in to the mix, but also all your favorite blogs or news sites right on the first page you see when opening a new tab.

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