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Temporarily hide a label in Gmail (without deleting it)

The main way Gmail lets you organize your email messages and inbox is through "Labels", or virtual folders that allow you to categorize related emails. As all good things, you can end up overdoing it and defeating the initial purpose of saving time with a good organizational scheme, namely by having too many filters / labels to the point where the whole thing becomes literally unmanageable. While you can permanently delete labels in Gmail, an often preferred solution is to instead temporarily disable and hide labels you use less often, as you'll learn how to do in this tutorial - said label is out of view, but remains available when you decide to reactivate it.

Deactivate labels in your Gmail account

And this is how easily Gmail allows you to temporarily deactivate and hide labels in your email account. When you decide that you need once more to see a hidden label, go back to your "Labels" settings and click on the show link next to it!

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