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Gmail Sign in

Gmail sign in is probably one of the most important aspects of the security of your email account; in this tutorial, we will give you a thorough overview of the sign in form and login options that accompany it. You will find a constant trade-off between security and convenience (with computers in general, not just your Gmail account).

Gmail sign in screen

The Gmail sign in screen is what you see when either you login to your email account for the first time on a given computer, or after Google has automatically signed out of your account (this is a security feature that guarantees that even if someone finds a computer where you remained logged in, they will sooner or later have to enter your account password.

Gmail Sign in options and the security of your email account

Gmail actually only provides a single, but powerful option in its sign in form:

This just about covers the simple Gmail sign in form - again, you will become quite familiar with it if you use other Google services (Google Buzz, Google Analytics, or your Google search settings). Remember to always manually sign out of your Gmail account if you are not on your own computer; to increase the security of your login credentials, you should also change your Gmail password regularly, especially if you sign in to Gmail from public places with free public Wi-Fi, or a computer at the library (where anyone can see you type your email address and password), etc.

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