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Historical screenshot of Free Email Tutorials in December 2005! While working for a mid-size company's IT department, I noticed that most questions from "non geeks" revolved around email: unfortunately, there was no single online resource devoted to email I could send them to, especially since the same questions came back regularly, and for mostly three email programs: Sales and Accounting used Microsoft Outlook, Creative used Mac Mail, and the rest used Outlook Express. Most sites were either too technical, or didn't offer enough breadth and depth to be the ultimate reference for email tips and help. That's what prompted me to start Free Email Tutorials in 2005, and it now helps a few hundred thousand visitors every single month! FET is now a full time job, as well as managing other reference websites you may also like (listed below).

There is something magical about seeing a users' eyes light up once they realize how much the program they've using all these years could do for them, and so easily! Unfortunately, people who would benefit the most from my tutorials will never get this help: I've seen countless users assume that they can't do something with their program, or give up, instead of searching online for an answer. So please refer your friends and colleagues to Free Email Tutorials! This, and other similar websites, bring information technologies within the grasp of anyone dedicated enough to regularly read tutorials: increase your value in the job market - just 10 minutes a day can make a dramatic difference in your job!

Other Tutorial Sites

Since Free Email Tutorials revolves around the world of email communication and online messaging systems, I created different websites for other tech topics I'm interested in:

Your feedback on Free Email Tutorials (and other sites) is always welcome! Other websites also let you either comment on individual tutorials, or send any question you have.

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