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Send an email message from Facebook Mail

As you learned in the "Reply to an email message in Facebook" tutorial, the email recipients are automatically included if you choose to "Reply to All", and the sender's address is automatically included when you click "Reply" to respond to the message sender only. But what about the case where you create a blank email message from Facebook? As you'll learn in this tutorial, there are two ways to address messages you send from Facebook, and one of them doesn't quite work the way you expect to, which can be quite puzzling if you are accustomed to using full-fledged webmail messaging services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Gmail. Until the release of the new Facebook Messaging platform, the capabilities of your messages remain bare-bones (and this tutorial will be updated when that changes).

Choose user names and email addresses for your Facebook messages

Here are two options you can follow when sending emails from your Facebook profile:

And this is how you send email messages from your Facebook account, either to other users like Facebook friends, or to external email addresses.

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