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Free Email TutorialsYahoo MailSend an email as plain text from Yahoo Mail

Send an email as plain text from Yahoo Mail

By default, Yahoo Mail will use "rich format" to send your emails: also referred to as HTML, this just means that your emails support including formatting and images. In most cases, this is actually practical and not an issue; but there are cases when you would want to send plain text emails. Like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail supports send in plain text emails that do not contain any formatting information; this option is available on the fly, without having to change any settings. We'll show you how to do just that in this tutorial.

Using plain text to compose email messages in Yahoo Mail

Follow these steps to send a plain text email or an email reply from yahoo mail:

And this is all it takes to send plain text email messages from your Yahoo Mail email account!

Tip: even though an email was sent as plain text, then link it includes, as long as they are properly formatted, will automatically be converted into clickable links, even in the recipient's email program reads the email as " plain text".

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