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How to add a second email account in Windows Live Mail

As you may already know from a previous tutorial, you can setup an email account in Windows Live Mail: but what if you have a second email account you want to check from within Windows Live Mail as well? Fortunately, you can add another email account (and a third, fourth...) to the mix! In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a new email account inside Windows Live Mail, and explain how the process will work (will all your emails be mixed together, etc.)

Add another email account in Windows Live Mail

Follow these steps to add new email accounts:

Both methods achieve the same effect, and once you have completed the setup process, you will be ready to use your other email address from within Windows Live Mail!

How can you check multiple email accounts from Windows Live Mail?

You may be hesitant to add another email account in Windows Live Mail, thinking that all your email messages will be mixed up between accounts: this is not the case. Windows Live Mail will create a separate inbox and group of standard email folders for each email address you have setup. You can manually move emails between folders if you want to, but by default, Windows Live Mail will keep your emails organized by email account.

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