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Free Email TutorialsWindows Live MailPrint an email in Windows Live Mail + Printing multiple messages at the same time

Print an email in Windows Live Mail + Printing multiple messages at the same time

Whenever you receive new email messages, they will stay in your inbox (or the email folder in which you archive them) until you decide to manually delete them; but, since problems can occur and you can lose important emails, or because you have a paper-based filing system, you may want to occasionally print an email from Windows Live Mail. We will explain several ways to print email messages (and you can choose the one you prefer after that), and talk about printing several messages at once (multiple emails at the same time).

Print an email message from Windows Live Mail

Here are several ways to print an email from your inbox or other email folder:

You can now use your favorite method for printing emails.

Printing multiple emails from Windows Live Mail

In several programs, you have the ability to select multiple items and print all of them in one go (they are all queued to the Windows printer spooler, and sent to your default or selected printer). Windows Live Mail, however, doesn't let you do that, so here's a workaround to print several emails back-to-back, very quickly:

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