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Remove and delete a bookmark in Firefox

Adding and deleting bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox A quick press of Ctrl+D (Windows / Linux) or Command+D (Mac) on your keyboard, and voila! You have added a new bookmark in Firefox. The problem of course is that it is all to easy to accumulate bookmarks, and unless you create bookmark folders in Firefox to organize them, you will soon have a "Bookmarks" menu that scrolls up and down endlessly. Fortunately, Firefox makes it as easy to delete a bookmark, which show you how to do in this tutorial. You will also learn how to delete multiple bookmarks at the same time, something that becomes necessary at times!

Remove a bookmark from the Firefox "Bookmarks" menu

Here's the easiest way to remove a bookmarked website from the Bookmarks menu - that this method works whether you added a site on the menu itself or a bookmark folder:

Warning: when you follow the steps below to delete a bookmark from the Bookmarks menu, Firefox will not give you a confirmation message beforehand, and the deleted bookmark cannot be recovered by some command like "Undo Delete" - in other words, once you delete a bookmark, it is gone.

Delete several bookmarks at once in Firefox

Follow these steps to delete several bookmarks at the same time:

...And this is how you delete an individual bookmark from the Bookmarks menu in Firefox, or remove multiple bookmarks at the same time by going through the bookmark library.

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