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Customize junk mail filters (spam) options in Windows Mail

Windows Live Hotmail junk mail and spam filters One of the biggest changes from Outlook Express to Windows Mail is the inclusion of junk mail filters to mitigate spam, and defense against phishing scams. Both of these prevent suspected spam from cluttering your inbox, and these messages will automatically be placed in the "Junk E-mail" folder. The level of filtering can be customized, as you'll learn on this page, including how to make Windows Mail automatically delete junk emails.

Caveat: the options discussed in this tutorial deal with spam "on the client" - in other words, only with messages that arrive into your email program. Depending on the email account you are using, there may also be junk mail filters active on the server, which could prevent spam messages from ever reaching Windows Mail in the first place.

Configure your spam settings

Follow these steps to customize your junk mail filters, from the main window:

That's it with spam options: check the other tabs, which let you control handling of suspicious messages: the "Safe Senders", "Blocked Senders", and the "International" tab in that very same dialog. When done, click OK to save your settings.

Customize your phishing options

Go to Tools > Junk E-mail Options; when the dialog opens, click on the Phishing tab:

Customize phishing options in Windows Mail

The "Protect my Inbox from messages with potential phishing links" checkbox is checked by default (and we recommend that you keep it that way, because phishing sites often distribute malware or viruses as well). If you want to see them, check the "Move phishing E-mail to the Junk Mail folder" checkbox. Unlike spam, phishing scam attempts are much easier to detect - for this reason, we don't recommend that you move these messages to the spam folder - let Windows Mail get rid of them, so you never see them, accidentally click on a bad link, etc.

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Tutorial last updated on September 8, 2012
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