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Hide blue dots on new tabs in Opera web browser (Standard Skin)

New tabs blue dot in Opera The latest versions of the Opera web browser include a feature that allows you to quickly detect recently loaded tabs that have not yet been visited (such as web pages you have opened in the background). The problem is that these blue dots also appear on tabs that either auto-refresh themselves or check for updates for some of that website's functionality, etc. The bottom line is that, in our opinion, these blue dots become more of a distraction than anything else. Instead of clicking to activate the tab in question to remove its blue dot, this tutorial explains how to temporarily or permanently hide the blue dots from new tabs.

Hidden blue dots on new Opera web browser tabs

Prevent Opera from showing a blue dot on new tabs

Follow the steps below: note that we are using Opera on Windows, but the principle is the same for all supported operating systems (Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) We will show you how to remove the blue dots for Opera's standard skin, and for the default configuration, with tabs showing at the top of the browser window (and how to change that for other configurations).

From this point on, Opera will not visually distinguish new tabs from already loaded one; by the same token, auto-refreshing or hyperactive web pages will no longer display these dots at random (seemingly so anyway).

Remember: we recommend that you keep individual PNG or skin ZIP files somewhere safe, just in case you want to restore the blue dots on your browser tabs later on.

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