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The Mail Toolbar in Opera Mail

The mail toolbar comes with basic buttons, we will show you later how to add or remove buttons on the toolbar. This tutorial introduces you to the buttons and controls available in Opera Mail.

Opera M2's Mail Toolbar

Below some commands, the equivalent keyboard shortcut is indicated. To create a new email within Opera, hold down the control key (Ctrl on Windows/Linux, or Equivalent of control key on Apple Macintosh computers on a Mac), and then press E. For email labels, hit L and then a number, while the desired email is currently selected, and Opera Mail will apply the label.

Opera Mail's Basic Toolbar Buttons

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Compose a new emailCreates a new, blank email in Opera Mail, with focus in address field.

Ctrl+E Create new email

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Reply to selected emailCreates a reply to the sender of the email currently selected

R Reply to current email

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Reply all recipients and sender of selected emailCreates a reply to the email currently selected, addressed both to the sender and all recipients of the original email.

Shift+R Reply to all (email sender and recipients)

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Forward or redirect the selected emailCreates a forward of the selected email; if several emails are selected, only the last one to be selected will be forwarded.

F Forwards current email

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Toggles the selected email's Read/Unread statusToggles the "Read" status of the email or emails currently selected.

K Marks the selected email(s) as Read
Shift+K Marks the selected email(s) as Unread

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Toggles the selected email's Spam (junk) statusToggles the Spam (junk) status of the selected email or emails. The button's image changes to a heart and envelope when focusing on an email already marked as spam.

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Delete the email or emails currently selectedDeletes the email(s) currently selected; in reality, it places them in the Trash view (folder) and stay there until you empty the Trash. The down arrow allows to expand a menu that lets you instead Remove [the selected email] from current view. (We will explain later what Views and Filters are.)

Del Delete selected emails
Ctrl+X Remove selected emails from current view

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Shows labels menu for the email or emails currently selectedExpands into the Labels menu, which allows you to assign labels to the selected emails, or un-label them. (Available labels are Important, Todo, Mail Back, Call Back, Meeting, Funny, and Valuable.)

L, 1-7 Assign label to selected emails
L, L Un-label the selected emails

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Adds a Contact filter for the selected email's senderCreates a Contact filter for the sender of the email currently selected.

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Creates a new filter for the selected email(s), or adds selected emails to an existing filterAssigns the email or emails currently selected to an existing filter, or lets you create a brand new filter. The Filter menu also allows you to extend the filter into a rule, (much more on that later).

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Pulls down the View menu to set email display preferencesExpands the View menu, which lets you customize the appearance of the current View, and toggle Quick Reply's visibility On or Off.

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Check + Send for all email accountsSends all emails in your outbox, and checks the mail server for new emails.

F5 Check/Send

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Check all email accounts for new emailsChecks on the mail server for any new emails to download.

Ctrl+K Check for new emails on server

Opera Mail's mail toolbar: Send all unsent emails for all email accountsSends any emails you may have queued in your outbox.

Ctrl+Shift+K Send queued emails

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