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Download Opera web browser for Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Whether you are trying to sign in to Hotmail as a different user (with one web browser per person on the same computer), or are just curious to try another browser, one of the oldest and most innovative web browsers around is Opera, which used to be "shareware" (what is shareware?), then "adware" (sponsored by ads), but has for a few years become completely free, of "freeware" (what is freeware?) In this tutorial, we will show you where to get and how to download Opera for your computer; while we'll focus on Windows, Opera is also available for Mac OS X and Linux, among other platforms - and the download process is near identical - In fact, the installation itself is quite similar as well.

Downloading Opera (free download) from Opera.com

Follow these steps to download Opera for Windows / Mac OS X / Linux:

Caution: while you can find alternate download locations for Opera throughout the web, we recommend -for security reasons- that you only download from the official Opera.com website.

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