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SeaMonkey Mail Tutorial

SeaMonkey MailSeaMonkey Mail (formerly "Mozilla Mail") is the email application from the open-source Mozilla Internet Suite, which include a browser, an HTML editor and an IRC client program. "Open-source" means that the source code behind the applications is available over the web to any programmer who wishes to shape the future development of the Mozilla Suite. Open-source also means that SeaMonkey Mail (and the Mozilla Suite) is absolutely free: no advertisements or annoying pop-ups: It's just free!

SeaMonkey Mail is extremely close in functionality to its cousin, Thunderbird, created by the commercial arm of the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla.com. (Unlike Thunderbird, SeaMonkey Mail isn't a standalone email application, and only comes bundled with the Mozilla Suite, now forked into a separate group called the SeaMonkey Project - alive and regularly updated!)

SeaMonkey Mail Fact Sheet
Made By Mozilla Foundation
Price Free (Bundled with the Mozilla Suite)
Software Type Freeware (What is Freeware?)
Product Home Page SeaMonkey-Project.org SeaMonkey Mail homepage opens in a new window

Getting Your Copy of SeaMonkey Mail

Download SeaMonkey Mail Point your browser to the Mozilla website, and choose the version of Mozilla that corresponds to your operating system: The download button automatically matches your platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) and your current language settings, but you can download SeaMonkey for any of the other supported platforms by clicking on the "Other Systems and Languages" link on the download page.

Note: Mozilla has created a separate website for the SeaMonkey project, which includes SeaMonkey Mail and the web browser. Find the download links and more at SeaMonkey-Project.org.

SeaMonkey Mail Tutorial Install SeaMonkey Mail Getting Started Import settings, contacts, emails Setup an Email Account Change email password SeaMonkey Mail's Interface The Mail Toolbar Sending Emails Receiving Emails Address Book & Contacts Create an email signature Managing your emails Email Folders & Tags (Labels) Mail Filters (Email Rules) Search Emails with Find Tool Spam + Junk mail settings Keyboard Shortcuts Backup SeaMonkey & Restore Customize SeaMonkey Mail SeaMonkey Mail Themes Request read receipts Disable the download dialog
Tutorial last updated on December 23, 2013
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