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Switch to Classic Theme in Windows 7 or Windows Vista (From Aero Theme)

Apply the Classic Theme in Windows 7 Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with the "Windows Aero" theme,  which is as beautiful as it is (comparatively) hungry in resources, mainly on the video card (graphics card) inside your computer. One easy way to make Windows faster is simply to switch from the Aero theme to the "Classic Theme", which was the default theme in Windows 2000 and earlier versions of the operating system. Note that while Windows 7 supports the Classic Theme, it does not support the classic start menu (unlike Vista, which does). The advantage of the classic "skin" is its simplicity: what is visually less sophisticated will be much more efficient to render, by the processor (CPU), but mostly the external or integrated graphics card (GPU) - this translates into a more responsive operating system, and in the case of laptops and netbooks, a longer battery life on the road! (Windows 7 Starter only comes with classic and other toned-down themes, since it doesn't support "Aero", graphic-rich themes.)

On this page: Classic Theme in Windows 7 | Classic Theme in Windows Vista

Change the theme to "Windows Classic" in Windows 7

Follow these steps to use the Classic Theme for Windows 7:

If you get tired of the Classic Theme after a while and want a bit of change, just follow the steps above and switch to another theme.

Change the theme to "Windows Classic" in Windows Vista

And here are the steps to switch to the Classic Theme in Windows Vista:

Tip: if you also want to use the classic start menu, just right-click on the start button, and choose "Properties" to customize the start menu options.

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Tutorial last updated on June 18, 2012
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