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Free Email TutorialsWindowsChange or set the default printer in Windows 7

Change or set the default printer in Windows 7

New current default printer successfully changed! Windows 7 lets you set as default printer either a real, physical printer, or a "print driver", which is a special piece of software that you can use for printing documents - the most common such print drivers are Acrobat's "PDF" and Microsoft' "XPS". In this tutorial, we will explain how to change your default printer to whatever you want, a real printer connected to your computer, a print driver of your choice, or even a "network printer" (a printing machine of some sort that is available on your HomeGroup -local network- either through wires, or wirelessly). Since Windows 7 lets you also share printers on your network, the actual printer that will print your papers can be anywhere in your house of your office building!

Tip: learn how to Set the default printer on Windows Vista

Change your default printer in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make another printer the default for your computer:

Tip: to test your default printer, press Ctrl+P while on this page; this is the universal keyboard shortcut to print things in Windows 7 (hold down the "Ctrl" key, and press "P" while the Ctrl key is still held down). The "Print" dialog will open, with your default printer automatically selected; you can still of course choose to print to another printer by selecting it instead.

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Tutorial last updated on June 18, 2012
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