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Change screen resolution in Windows Vista

The "screen resolution" is the Windows Vista setting that determines how much information is displayed on your screen: a higher screen resolution means that more things are shown on your monitor, but also that they potentially look very small; by contrast, a small (or "lower") screen resolution will display less content on your screen, but all of it will be larger and easier to see. This free tutorial explains how to adjust your screen resolution in Vista.

Adjust your screen resolution for Vista

Follow these steps to test and change to another screen resolution:

Screen resolution problems: distorted image, no fixed aspect ratio, etc.

Windows Vista will show you a wide range of screen resolutions you can use, but this does not always mean that the particular screen resolution will fit in proportions the dimensions of your monitor. If this is the case, what you'll want to do is tell Windows Vista to use that resolution, and then customize your graphics card settings to force constrained proportions to be used (a more advanced topic than this tutorial covers).

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Tutorial last updated on June 18, 2012
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