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Free Email TutorialsGmailHow much email space do I get with Gmail? Upgrade to increase your storage

How much email space do I get with Gmail? Upgrade to increase your storage

Google Mail / Gmail was the first webmail service (online email provider) to offer "unlimited storage", or on demand ever-increasing disk space. By default, your Gmail account comes with over 7 Gb (gigabytes, equivalent to 7,000 megabytes) of email storage at your disposal. Most of us will never reach space requirements anywhere close to that number, but if you are heavily using email attachments, perhaps even sharing the same Gmail email account amongst several people collaborating on a given project, that upper limit may become an issue. If this is the case, you can request additional storage from Google for your Gmail account, as we'll explain how to do in this tutorial. Note that Gmail remains a free service, but you will need to pay to get more disk space, unless you use a third-party upload service to store email attachments (for example)

Manually request and add more storage space to Gmail

Overall, these prices are very reasonable, and as we mentioned earlier, the free, base disk space offering will most likely be plenty for most of us. Also, keep in mind that you can always create another Gmail account and spread the load of your file storage needs across multiple email addresses, and/or use automatic email forwarding as appropriate.

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