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Hide email messages from Gmail inbox (move to a custom label)

When you create a label in Gmail, it becomes a sort of "tag", which allows you to quickly locate it and other email messages sharing that same tag. But by default, a labeled email will remain visible in all other places, including your Gmail inbox - in that, email labels differ from standard "email folders", which can puzzle those who come from the traditional world of email messages and email folders following the same metaphor as files and folders on an operating system like Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. (This is still the prevalent approach, and both approaches have their pros and cons.) But as you'll learn in this tutorial, Gmail lets you make a label behave like an email folder, by moving messages to labels, and automatically hiding them from other view (the concept of "exclusive label").

Hide a labeled email message in Gmail from all other labels

Follow these simple steps to make an email label behave like a standard email folder:

And this is how you can make a Gmail label act as an email folder, and use that feature to move messages and hide them from your inbox, a good way to avoid the overwhelming feeling that a crowded inbox gives you!

Gmail Tip: if you want to "unhide" these messages and make them visible in your Gmail inbox, just select them from their current location, choose "Move to" once more, and restore them to visibility inside your inbox.

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