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Delete a contact in Gmail (Remove from contacts list / address book)

Just like you can create new contacts in your Gmail account, you can delete them at any time; a common reason will simply be to cleanup your address book (contacts list) from people with whom you no longer stay in touch (although, as you'll learn in a later tutorial, Gmail includes a feature called "contact groups", which lets you organize people in your contacts list based on their common trait - one of which could be how often you need access to their information). The end of this tutorial will explain how to restore deleted Gmail contacts up 30 days after the fact (after the "Undo delete" link has disappeared).

Remove a contact from your Gmail Contacts list

Follow these steps to permanently delete contacts:

Caution: Gmail's message and Undo link will only stay on screen for about 20-30 seconds. After that point, they will both disappear, and you will not be able to recover the contacts you deleted from that screen: read the next section.

Undelete (restore) contacts after the fact

Restore deleted Gmail contacts Once the "Undo" link disappears, it seems like the contact is gone for good - fortunately, Gmail allows you to restore deleted contacts up to 30 days later: once you are signed into your Gmail account, click on the "Contacts" link on the left of the screen.

Click on the "More" menu, and select "Restore contacts" - Google will open a popup, and let you select the timespan for which to show deleted contacts - for the maximum range, select "Custom", and pick "29" days, "23" hours, and "59" minutes.

Carefully choose the range for which to restore your address book from Google's backup, since this will undo contacts import and undo any contact merge you may have performed during that period.

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