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Successful Email Marketing

There isn't a single, all-encompassing, recipe for successful email marketing campaigns; there are, however, many steps you can take to ensure success. But packaging only helps attract attention to your product or service: ultimately, conversion rates will depend on the competitiveness and relevance of your offerings. Throughout these tutorials, we will teach you to properly "package" your email marketing campaign through, and help you generate original content.

We assume you already read our email newsletter design tutorials, which focus more specifically on the visual aspect and layouts of e-newsletters.

Ingredients for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Three main ingredients determine the success and conversion rates of any email marketing campaign: choice, content, and presentation.

Unless constrained by editorial obligations, you should stay clear of associating your newsletter or marketing communications with time periods. Very few companies have a sufficiently eventful year to justify regular marketing newsletters. Remember, we are talking about email marketing, not user tutorials; user tutorials are in fact a good indirect marketing tool for strengthening your brand and nurturing a loyal user base, but these targeted newsletters are not covered in this section.

Engaging yourself in a recurrent email marketing obligation has several undesirable effects. First, the obligation to publish something, anything, is bound to hurt the relevancy of your email communications' content quality and relevance. Only a couple mishaps are enough to see your users delete your organization's emails without reading them, or worse, force your exasperated readers to unsubscribe. (By the way, keep in mind that you are obligated by law to include an unsubscribe link in all your emails - see Email Marketing and the Law.)

Measuring Results

A big part of assessing the success or failure of your email marketing campaign consists in tracking visits and conversions from your website. Several tricks can be used to encourage prospects to disclose the origin of their interest.

We will also show you how to track leads and conversions from your email newsletter to your website without requiring specific user actions. This approach is the most efficient and most accurate; with the help of a professional web analytics solution, tracking successful campaigns could not get any easier.

Learn how to track conversions, and fine tune your marketing efforts.

User-centered Email Newsletters

Much of the receptiveness of subscribers to your email newsletters comes from user-centricity: your emails must meet subscribers prejudices and expectation. Ideally, a single marketing email should be blasted to your entire customer base: with this in mind, ensuring that all users' needs are met is critical.

You will first discover how to optimize your e-newsletter for seniors; we will then show you how to create usable and accessible email newsletters to guarantee a more global reach. Using professional software will also help you personalize email marketing campaigns.

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