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Free Email TutorialsMicrosoft OfficeSave and download a Word 2007 document attached to an email in Outlook 2007

Save and download a Word 2007 document attached to an email in Outlook 2007

As you learned in another tutorial, you can preview Word documents sent as attachments right from Outlook 2007; this convenient trick lets you quickly view the content of a file without actually opening it in Word 2007, or saving it on your hard drive before viewing its content. But since you most probably work with all your Microsoft Office documents stored inside the "Documents" / "My Documents" folder, and subfolders you created inside it, you will often prefer to save that attached document into a folder on your computer. And as you'll learn in this tutorial, Outlook 2007 offers several methods for doing that.

Save a copy of a Word file from Outlook 2007

Here are three different techniques for saving a copy of a Word document you received as email attachment:

Note that all three methods achieve the same effect; likewise, all three will leave your Word 2007 attachment intact, and attached to its original email. By "Saving As", Windows is creating a duplicate copy of the file elsewhere on your computer. If you made any changes to the downloaded Word document file will be reflected in the copy saved on your computer, and not in the original file, currently still attached to the email inside Outlook 2007.

For more info on the word processor part of Microsoft Office, please visit our Word 2007 Tutorial or Word 2010 Tutorial.

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