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Free Email TutorialsMicrosoft OfficePreview a Word 2007 document email attachment in Outlook 2007

Preview a Word 2007 document email attachment in Outlook 2007

Whenever someone sends you a Word document as email attachment, you have several options to view the file in question: you can either double-click on it to open inside either Word 2007 or the free Microsoft Word viewer; alternatively, you can right-click on the attached document and choose "Save As" to download it to your computer hard drive, and then open it like a regular Word file. Finally, as you'll learn in this tutorial, you can also preview Word 2007 documents right inside Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010.

View the content of a Word 2007 attachment in Outlook

Follow these simple steps to preview a Word file inside Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2010:

...And as mentioned earlier in this tutorial, you can also right-click on the Word attachment itself, and choose "Save As" after you've previewed it, and save inside your Documents folder or another location on your computer.

Save an attached Word document file from Outlook 2007

For more info on the word processor part of Microsoft Office, please visit our Word 2007 Tutorial or Word 2010 Tutorial.

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