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Free Email TutorialsMicrosoft OfficeSave and download an Excel 2007 spreadsheet attached to an email in Outlook 2007

Save and download an Excel 2007 spreadsheet attached to an email in Outlook 2007

As you may have already learned from a previous tutorial, Outlook 2007 allows you to preview Excel files received as email attachments; but once you have looked at the content of the spreadsheet in question, you may want to save it inside a folder on your computer, outside Outlook. And as you'll learn in this tutorial, there are several ways to do that in Outlook 2007, using one of several "Save As" commands at your disposal. (Note that this tutorial explains techniques for saving Excel spreadsheets from Outlook without detaching them from their original email carrier, something that can be done as well, to save space and keep your PST file (where Outlook stores all your emails) to a reasonable size.)

Save a copy of an Excel file from Outlook 2007

Follow these steps to save an email attachment to a folder of your choice:

And again, all three techniques let you save as file an Excel spreadsheet attachment without removing it from the email message it came with; just keep in mind that any changes you make to the local copy of the Excel file will of course not be reflected in the duplicate file you still have as attachment inside Outlook 2007!

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