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Change default font in Word 2007 documents

By default, all new documents in Word 2007 will open with the "default font" applied to the file; this means that unless you manually change the font family ("font face") of your document, it will use the default font. Since Microsoft Word 2007 supports multiple fonts in a single documents, you can mix a variety of font styles and text size at any point. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the default font face (font family) and text size for new Word documents from the standard "Calibri 11 points".

Customize default font face and text size for Word 2007

Follow these steps to use another text and font settings for new documents:

You have successfully changed your new default font family and text size settings. The next time you open a document from this particular copy of Word, all these settings (saved inside the "Normal Template" will be automatically applied). As you'll learn in the next tutorial, changing the default font in Excel 2007 works a bit differently.

For more info on the word processor part of Microsoft Office, please visit our Word 2007 Tutorial or Word 2010 Tutorial.

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