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Change default font in Excel 2007 spreadsheets

Whenever you create a new file (document, or "spreadsheet" ) inside Excel 2007, the program will automatically use your default font settings for all worksheets; you can of course manually change the fonts and text sizes used in individual cells or a selected group of columns or rows, but the default font face (font family), text size, font style, etc. will always come first. As you'll learn in this tutorial, it only takes a few clicks to change the default font in Excel 2007, and make all new spreadsheets automatically use the desired font and text.

Customize the default Excel 2007 font face, text size, effects, etc.

This is all you need to do to change your default font options in Excel 2007; another tutorial explains how to change the default font face and text size in Word 2007. If you want to change the font of an entire Excel file without modifying your default font settings, just click on the topmost, leftmost, cell selector to select all rows and columns in the worksheet (as shown on the screenshot below), and then choose a font family and text size from the corresponding dropdown menus in the Ribbon, under the "Home" tab.

Manually change font face and text size in Excel worksheets

Excel 2007 Tip: if you want to restore the default font and text size for spreadsheet files, just follow the steps outlined above, and set the font family to "Body Font", and the font size to "11" (measured in points).

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