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Tips to avoid email spam

Windows Live Hotmail junk mail and spam filters Recent estimates tell us that 90% of all emails in the world are spam; in that sense, junk mail will unavoidably reach your email account, regardless of precautions you take. But modern email programs come with "junk mail filters" - the mail client "detects" if a message is legitimate or not based on a number of criteria, and places suspicious emails in your junk mail folder. Most email providers also run their spam filters before emails even reach your account, which effectively doubles your protection (this explains why 90% of your emails are not spam: most junk messages never get to your account, let alone your inbox). But what can you do (or not do!) to avoid spam for your email address in particular? You'll also learn why some email addresses are destined to be spammed to death, whatever measures you take to shield it from unwanted attention.

Steps to protect your email address

Things you may not be able to avoid (but to keep in mind!)

Not everything is under your control, but knowing this information may help you avoid some problems, or at the very least explain why your email address gets so much spam!

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Tutorial last updated on March 19, 2012
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