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Temporarily disable or hide your Gmail signature

As you learned in a previous tutorial, you can add a signature emails sent from Gmail; in most cases, you will want to send all messages including your email signature, but if you occasionally want to remove it from an email, all you have to do is manually select the text of your signature and delete it, as you would with normal text in the message body (hit the Del key on your keyboard when the signature text is selected, or right-click and choose "Delete"). But if you find yourself regularly deleting the email signature text, the better solution is to temporarily disable the automatic sign in for your Gmail account - this setting also leaves you the option of turning your signature back on later, without having to type it all from scratch, as you'll learn in this tutorial.

Manually delete your email signature in Gmail / Google Mail

Temporarily turn off the email signature in your Gmail account

Follow these simple steps to prevent Gmail from automatically adding your signature to emails you compose from your web browser (in other words, this will not affect an email program from which you use Gmail, for example).

That's all it takes to temporarily remove the automatic signature from email messages you send from your Gmail account; as a test of the new option you configured, click on the "Compose mail" button in the left pane, and a new, blank email will open in the editor: notice that it does not have your email signature automatically appended to the body of the message. Here's a new message composed after we have turned off and hidden the signature - notice the blank email body:

No signature in new email messages from Gmail

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