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Create a new email in Outlook Express (Compose messages)

Compose new email messages in Outlook Express After reading email messages you receive in your inbox, the most common task you'll find yourself doing is to create and compose a new email (in addition to replying to emails and forwarding emails). As you'll learn in this tutorial, there are different techniques you can use to compose new emails from Outlook Express, each of which has its advantages - and at the end of the day, it is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Compose new emails in Outlook Express

Follow one of these methods to create new email messages:

Create new messages using a "Stationery" (Custom background image and colors)

To bring a bit of life to your emails, you can compose a new message using one of the built-in "stationeries" (and, beyond the scope of this tutorial, Outlook Express even lets you create your own look-and-feel through the custom stationery feature). Just click on the dropdown arrow of the "Create Mail" button, and pick a stationery of your choice, as shown below. (You can even pick a web page at the bottom of that menu, and use it as your email's body!)

Send an email using a built-in stationery

Indirectly, you are creating a new email message when you hit the Reply or Forward button - these two forms of relaying emails are much more practical than starting a new email every time, since this subject line and recipients are automatically added for you, along with the content of the message you are interested in (people don't always remember to what email you are referring, so having it included below your message is helpful).

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Tutorial last updated on October 23, 2011
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