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Import contacts to Outlook Express address book

As you are using Outlook Express as your main email program, you will inevitably start adding new contacts to your address book - sometimes you can do manually, but also add contacts from an email message. But, if you have already started using another email program, in whose address book you have a contact list of as you'll learn in this tutorial substance, the easiest approach will be to import these contacts into Outlook Express, a mostly automated process, as you'll learn in this tutorial. You can import contacts into your Outlook Express address book from a variety of sources and formats, including the common "WAB" format you get when you export Outlook Express contacts (from another copy of that email program, on another computer, for example). Let's start importing!

Importing another address book into Outlook Express

Follow these simple steps to start importing contacts to your address book:

Once Outlook Express has successfully imported these new contacts into its address book, it will display a confirmation message letting you know that you can proceed: "The import process completed successfully". Click on the OK button to hide the confirmation dialog, and return to the address book window, which you can close to return to Outlook Express.

Outlook Express Tip: if, during the import process, Outlook Express notices contacts that are exact duplicates of people you already had inside your address book, it will not create multiple copies of the same contact; instead, it will either ignore the duplicate entry, or merge the two, as the case may be.

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Tutorial last updated on November 9, 2011
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