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Change the number of Gmail contacts visible per page

When you are looking at your Gmail contact list, or address book, it will likely be smaller than the default number of contacts visible per page for a Gmail account, which is 100 (and also happens to be the "middle" value). If you like to see a smaller set of contacts at any given time, however, Google allows you to change that number to either 25 (the smallest number of contacts you can display per screen), or 250 contacts. This tutorial explains how to change how many contacts are displayed by Gmail on a single screen.

Customize how many address book contacts are shown per page

Follow these steps to increase or decrease the number of people shown from your Gmail address book, on one screen at a time:

Tip: note that this setting only controls "pagination" - it does not affect the content of your address book in any way, only the subset of contacts you see at once, at any given time!

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