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Get news updates by email with Google Alerts

Create topical email alerts with Google! Do you want to get automatic email alerts for topics and news of your choice? This is very easy to do with "Google Alerts", a free service that lets you receive email updates for topics of your choice. In this tutorial, we will explain how to sign up for a Google alert, how to set it up properly to avoid an overflow of irrelevant information, and how to cancel a Google alert after a while. These don't have to deal with email: any topic will do, and will come from Google's continuous indexing of the web (an automated piece of software called "Googlebot" crawls the internet all the time in search of new, updated, or deleted content to ensure that the search engine delivers the most accurate and up-to-date results - with alerts, you'll receive in your inbox the crawler's latest finds!)

Tip: Google doesn't currently allow you to create alerts for custom email addresses - only those "registered" with the company. To get around that limitation, simply visit the website (steps explained below) using the anonymous browsing function of your web browser - in that case, you can manually type any email address you want!

Sign up for a Google Alert

To sign up for an Google alert, follow these simple steps:

Tip: Google automatically gives you a dropdown of the email address is has for you; but if you want to sign up for a Google alert using a different email address, you can: just sign out of Google, and the "Your email" will then be a free form text field.

Google will send you a confirmation email: click on the confirmation link, and your Google alert is now active! You should receive your first new update within at most a few days.

Cancel a email update Google alert

Once you no longer want to receive email updates for news through Google alerts, you can very easily "unsubscribe" from the news alert by canceling it:

And this is it: you will no longer receive this email Google alert in your inbox.

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Tutorial last updated on June 18, 2012
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